Valentines Day

I know this is a late post after Valentines Day.  Love is in the air. On that night, every car filled up the parking lot for dinners and late cinemas. You wake up with flowers, greeting card with poem, and kisses from your partner. Early or last minute reservations on a hotel or trip have been booked.

It is nice to see people holding each other close. But to some, no. There are many reasons for that. I don’t want to mention some. Is there is someone lonely out there, go help them and cheer them up. No drinking, listen to their stories, pat them on the shoulder, and say, “I’m right here for you.”

Honestly, I am not good at giving advice on love. In my opinion, love is the feeling of excitement and comfort  and the treasure that you want to hold on forever and never let go. 

  I hope you had a good one. Its a moment where love brings togetherness and warmth.