Tour Poster

Tour Poster

I love Josh Groban. The moment I heard his voice, I started buying all his CD albums when released. He soothes me, ceases and help overcome my fears and dilemmas in life. I love how he mix opera and pop and turn it modern.

Created 100% in photoshop using different types of brush, I tried my best to paint his face digitally. I took concert photos but I am not sure if it is permitted for entry. I even don’t like snatching photos online that are not mine either.

I recently went to his concert in Sacramento, CA. His voice made me want to relax, as if I was laying down, staring at the stars at night. This became the theme: Starry Night. The stage lights and glitter inspire me to create the poster.

I haven’t join contests in a while. So after the concert, I missed his signature even though I bought the shirt. Vote for my work and I hope to see it on display.

Here is the link:

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