RiverPark Travel-Reliable. Enjoyable. Affordable. At Your Service.

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I recently work there. They were the friendliest and hardworking team I met and treat anyone more than a guest-a family member. Sometimes, they would invite me into their conversations along brainstorming ideas and solving problems for the company.  The way they speak to clients are professional and attentive. In return, I see the clients smiling and receive satisfaction and trust as they get their questions answered and preparations already set on their trip. They discuss prices that fits the budget, attractions that are worth to remember, and trips that connects people together on time.

Plan a Trip. Book Ahead. They are ready when you are.

Reliable. Affordable. Enjoyable. At your service.

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Philippines on the Line


I created this poster for my brother’s college.

Waters clash to the land, crushing the houses of the beloved and trees that stood by. It was difficult to watch. Last year, it was the flood, that flooded every room in every building. Everything got soaked.  Every year, especially in the fall, harsh weather will intrude, such as a typhoon, monsoon, cyclone, and more to come. We live close by the oceans, open to storms, currents,  and rain.

It’s been almost a week. All that’s left are rumbles. Slowly, if we all work together, we can help rebuild their lives through aid, prayer, and hope.

Umiiyak at hinawakan ang buhay nila. Tumatayo pa sila sa lupa.

Maglakas ka sa wakas Pilipinas. Narinig kami.

Mundo, Tulungan po.

They cry and hold their life. They still stand on land.

Stay strong till the end, Philippines. We can hear you.

World, help.

That’s all to ask and need.