How was your Spring Break? I’m sure for some you have a week off and spend time with your family and friends away from work. Then for some Easter egg hunt and crowded masses in church. People wear maxis and spring clothing as they were ready to start their trip elsewhere.

Flowers bloom, birds started singing, and trees are dancing with joy. Butterflies showing off their colorful wings and beauty. While working out, I sit after a run in the park, and feel the breeze passing me. I close my eyes, and relax. When can there be a moment like this? I thought to myself. I am loving this season. Summer is coming soon though.

I like that there are cool movies coming in. Mad Men is coming to a close. Louie starts Monday Cinco De Mayo. So far in cinemas, I watched Captain America and Spiderman. Couldn’t wait for movies on my birth month which is June.

To those studying finals, good luck. To those graduating, congratulations. You made it!