Philippine Independence Day

I am proud to be a Filipino. Although I just visited there for a vacation, I wish I came back there again. There is so much more to see.

There are many things I like about my homeland. I adore their native craftmanship in art, accessories, and furniture and food that brings families together such as roast pig, barbecue, and more. The weather is tropical with 50% of rain and 50 %heat since as an archipelago, it’s close to the ocean. Shopping is cheap in clothing and shoes (I avoid pirated stuff). The plazas are always crowded with people heading to their destinations. Unless you have a car or a van or head to the train, it takes three to five buses to head to one place like Mall of Asia. Since it is big, I only explored the first half with my family.  The sampaguita necklace or lei from the vendors near the church stays fresh.  Little adolescents not only come for needs but greets us with a smile.

Happy Independence Day, Philippines. May I return someday to see how beautiful you are.