Philippines on the Line


I created this poster for my brother’s college.

Waters clash to the land, crushing the houses of the beloved and trees that stood by. It was difficult to watch. Last year, it was the flood, that flooded every room in every building. Everything got soaked.  Every year, especially in the fall, harsh weather will intrude, such as a typhoon, monsoon, cyclone, and more to come. We live close by the oceans, open to storms, currents,  and rain.

It’s been almost a week. All that’s left are rumbles. Slowly, if we all work together, we can help rebuild their lives through aid, prayer, and hope.

Umiiyak at hinawakan ang buhay nila. Tumatayo pa sila sa lupa.

Maglakas ka sa wakas Pilipinas. Narinig kami.

Mundo, Tulungan po.

They cry and hold their life. They still stand on land.

Stay strong till the end, Philippines. We can hear you.

World, help.

That’s all to ask and need.


Tour Poster

Tour Poster

I love Josh Groban. The moment I heard his voice, I started buying all his CD albums when released. He soothes me, ceases and help overcome my fears and dilemmas in life. I love how he mix opera and pop and turn it modern.

Created 100% in photoshop using different types of brush, I tried my best to paint his face digitally. I took concert photos but I am not sure if it is permitted for entry. I even don’t like snatching photos online that are not mine either.

I recently went to his concert in Sacramento, CA. His voice made me want to relax, as if I was laying down, staring at the stars at night. This became the theme: Starry Night. The stage lights and glitter inspire me to create the poster.

I haven’t join contests in a while. So after the concert, I missed his signature even though I bought the shirt. Vote for my work and I hope to see it on display.

Here is the link:

Feel free to provide feedback.


People have different ideas and strategies for any upcoming situations. I wish I was Flash, doing things ready right there before you knew it. Here are some inspirations:

Dr. Black Jack (fictional animation series) determines the problem/condition and fixes people in a day, half or whole, during surgery. He may be expensive for the bill but worth as the doctor. He never asked for health insurance.

I am not a doctor, love anatomy though.

James Bond (Sean Connery and Daniel Craig): Love the action. Sean Connery is calm. Never panics. Daniel Craig gets the work done. Both were professionally trained agents destined to save the world. The modern stunts, clothing, and clothing designs amazes me. 

Indiana Jones: History leads to adventure.

Sherlock from BBC. That’s a show worth a watch. Love the comedy, script, effects, scenes, action, thriller, suspense, and research.

White Collar, especially when Matt as Neal Caffrey, an ex-con turned FBI consultant, creates clean art work, markets well, and talks and dress class. Since when did Art History and Fine Arts become hot? Among the episodes watched, I like him disguised as a substitute teacher. So detailed and precise of his words.

If only I can be quick as them when dealing with creativity and pace.


<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Illustration and Graphic Design Portfolio” target=”_blank”>Illustration and Graphic Design Portfolio</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Joy Hallare</a></strong> </div>

Another way to promote yourself: presentations. Since presentations are easier than videos, I tried using the new ‘template’ (I don’t know a better word for this ) everyone’s using. Powerpoint presentations new spreads from your personal computer to online. Jobs now require Keynote, Prezi, or Slideshare. The disadvantage: if there’s no internet or wi-fi, your work won’t open. It’s better if you download them or use the regular Powerpoint to prevent that from happening.

The only animation you can do is to create slideshows to show ‘appear’ from a click. If you have animations from powerpoint and want to upload it, there won’t be any.

It took time for me to create this. All you do mostly is zooming-that’s basically the main animation there. It has similar features of powerpoint-the animation effects. But I don’t like to use it. The frames can move freely  but organize themlike the order of the slides for easy navigation. Be careful where you click though. If you upload the powerpoint, the fonts won’t appear.

I don’t want to make them too long; I want to do less clicking.

Videos coming soon. Can’t wait.


Couldn’t believe I turned 24 yesterday this year. Thank you Google for making my day.

During my job interviews, people taught I was still in high school. Am I really that young? If so, I must be happy. It’s good to feel, think, act, and be young altogether. How old are you? That’s what I hear. They didn’t believe I did the work either.

Thank you Ate Dee for the cappuccino cake and check. The cake tastes good. Thank you mom for ‘pansit’ (noodles with vegetables), a Filipino traditional dish to give long life and cooked marinated chicken. The feast was simple, just with the family. I’m no heavy drinker for this.

Well what do I want? I just said all the wishes in my head before I blow out the candles. I don’t want to say it here for they may be a surprise someday in the future.

Hope my wishes come true.