International Woman’s Day

Last Friday was International Womens Day. So how did I celebrate? I joined with my friends.  While I was doing this, I thought about others who can’t do the same as me. Where were they? There are other women in some parts of the world such as Middle East, India, and more where they don’t have independence. They are restricted wherever they go and whatever they do. I am happy and born as a woman, and lucky enough that my parents worked hard to give me and my siblings a healthy and safe living, and chance to achieve. I hope other women would pursue and persevere.

For this event, I want to also thank my older sister, Diana, who assist me to learn how to improve myself as a better daughter. See her website at She mentored me on my English grammar, communications, and my ability to move forward. She continuously helped me in many ways; she can help you too.

Don’t hesitate to contact her through her website.