Give Thanks. Be Grateful.



The streets would be empty now for families are in their homes, celebrating their togetherness.  Or I guess yesterday was the rush to buy food before the store closing hours and leave, stacked. Traffic will swarm around the evening in the highways and freeways for visit. What is in the list? What are the ingredients for the feast tonight? Who is going to serve? Who will be the host next?

There are so many to thank for. It’s a lot to mention here. The basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. Health. Finance. The elements to keep up: Love. Hope. Happiness. Joy. Confidence. Strength. Perseverance. 

Let us give grace and bless the food .

Black Friday: Please be safe everyone. Patience is all you need. 

I can’t wait for the food tonight. Filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and champagne, making the turkey as the center of attention.

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