Give Thanks. Be Grateful.



The streets would be empty now for families are in their homes, celebrating their togetherness.  Or I guess yesterday was the rush to buy food before the store closing hours and leave, stacked. Traffic will swarm around the evening in the highways and freeways for visit. What is in the list? What are the ingredients for the feast tonight? Who is going to serve? Who will be the host next?

There are so many to thank for. It’s a lot to mention here. The basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. Health. Finance. The elements to keep up: Love. Hope. Happiness. Joy. Confidence. Strength. Perseverance. 

Let us give grace and bless the food .

Black Friday: Please be safe everyone. Patience is all you need. 

I can’t wait for the food tonight. Filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and champagne, making the turkey as the center of attention.

Ubuntu Africa

To see them laughing, smiling, and enjoying life with joy. While suffering AIDS. At least they are celebrating life while fighting, and accepting the truth, instead of crying in despair. December 1st is World AIDS Day. Participate. Support, and Help raise awareness.

Africa is a big continent, but has cities under stricken poverty. Their natural resources are sparse. Most are illiterate, under starvation, because they couldn’t afford the basic needs. They go to the extremes for survival. Seeing them through the media such as photography made me cry. I want to hug them with my open arms and say, “It’s ok. I am here for you. I will help you anyway I can.” Philippines and India are not only the countries suffering, Africa is.

Ubuntu Africa, a non-profit organization, is there to provide the essentials. They not only have community-based programs with lifesaving heath and support services but help free children with HIV + through giving them life and future opportunities  .

I want to thank Robyn Deutsch, Director of Development, and Jessica Annis, Director of Operations and Strategy, for accepting my work for their non-profit organization, Ubunta Africa.

To support them, learn more info and/or attend the event,  here is their link: and

africa5 copy

Philippines on the Line


I created this poster for my brother’s college.

Waters clash to the land, crushing the houses of the beloved and trees that stood by. It was difficult to watch. Last year, it was the flood, that flooded every room in every building. Everything got soaked.  Every year, especially in the fall, harsh weather will intrude, such as a typhoon, monsoon, cyclone, and more to come. We live close by the oceans, open to storms, currents,  and rain.

It’s been almost a week. All that’s left are rumbles. Slowly, if we all work together, we can help rebuild their lives through aid, prayer, and hope.

Umiiyak at hinawakan ang buhay nila. Tumatayo pa sila sa lupa.

Maglakas ka sa wakas Pilipinas. Narinig kami.

Mundo, Tulungan po.

They cry and hold their life. They still stand on land.

Stay strong till the end, Philippines. We can hear you.

World, help.

That’s all to ask and need.