People have different ideas and strategies for any upcoming situations. I wish I was Flash, doing things ready right there before you knew it. Here are some inspirations:

Dr. Black Jack (fictional animation series) determines the problem/condition and fixes people in a day, half or whole, during surgery. He may be expensive for the bill but worth as the doctor. He never asked for health insurance.

I am not a doctor, love anatomy though.

James Bond (Sean Connery and Daniel Craig): Love the action. Sean Connery is calm. Never panics. Daniel Craig gets the work done. Both were professionally trained agents destined to save the world. The modern stunts, clothing, and clothing designs amazes me. 

Indiana Jones: History leads to adventure.

Sherlock from BBC. That’s a show worth a watch. Love the comedy, script, effects, scenes, action, thriller, suspense, and research.

White Collar, especially when Matt as Neal Caffrey, an ex-con turned FBI consultant, creates clean art work, markets well, and talks and dress class. Since when did Art History and Fine Arts become hot? Among the episodes watched, I like him disguised as a substitute teacher. So detailed and precise of his words.

If only I can be quick as them when dealing with creativity and pace.