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Another way to promote yourself: presentations. Since presentations are easier than videos, I tried using the new ‘template’ (I don’t know a better word for this ) everyone’s using. Powerpoint presentations new spreads from your personal computer to online. Jobs now require Keynote, Prezi, or Slideshare. The disadvantage: if there’s no internet or wi-fi, your work won’t open. It’s better if you download them or use the regular Powerpoint to prevent that from happening.

The only animation you can do is to create slideshows to show ‘appear’ from a click. If you have animations from powerpoint and want to upload it, there won’t be any.

It took time for me to create this. All you do mostly is zooming-that’s basically the main animation there. It has similar features of powerpoint-the animation effects. But I don’t like to use it. The frames can move freely  but organize themlike the order of the slides for easy navigation. Be careful where you click though. If you upload the powerpoint, the fonts won’t appear.

I don’t want to make them too long; I want to do less clicking.

Videos coming soon. Can’t wait.