Couldn’t believe I turned 24 yesterday this year. Thank you Google for making my day.

During my job interviews, people taught I was still in high school. Am I really that young? If so, I must be happy. It’s good to feel, think, act, and be young altogether. How old are you? That’s what I hear. They didn’t believe I did the work either.

Thank you Ate Dee for the cappuccino cake and check. The cake tastes good. Thank you mom for ‘pansit’ (noodles with vegetables), a Filipino traditional dish to give long life and cooked marinated chicken. The feast was simple, just with the family. I’m no heavy drinker for this.

Well what do I want? I just said all the wishes in my head before I blow out the candles. I don’t want to say it here for they may be a surprise someday in the future.

Hope my wishes come true.


Even before the summer began, the heat began to rise from 70 to 90 degrees. Inside and outside the places, I’m already sweating with just wearing a tank top and shorts.

At this time, people are in their summer jobs or out of the city taking a break. Sales on retail merchandising stores are increasing. So are the utility bills for the house. The need for water is a must to prevent dehydration. Clothes, barbecues, RVs, you name it. I’m naturally tan. I don’t want to be tanner alive outside in the sun. Most of the women are wearing trendy maxi dresses to cool off the heat.

I wish I could spend a little but I am trying my best not to. It’s better to save than having nothing in hand.

Have a good and safe summer everyone. Have fun and spend some time more often.Image




Father’s Day

There are many things that I like about my dad. I like that he puts his best at the unexpected. Aside working at the medical field, he can fix cars, sew, cook, create jewelry as his hobby, have marketing/business knowledge, and speaks up. He endures all the challenges and family problems and fixes them, even at its smallest.  He may be busy at times, but he plans or creates a schedule to take some time to see me and my siblings achieve. Like my mom, his wisdom guides me to become an independent, strong, courageous, and responsible woman.

At times, I may be a crybaby for whining a lot of things, but he disciplined me strictly in becoming a better person. I want to thank him for protecting me and my family and guiding me determine the right and wrong.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all dads out there.


Philippine Independence Day

I am proud to be a Filipino. Although I just visited there for a vacation, I wish I came back there again. There is so much more to see.

There are many things I like about my homeland. I adore their native craftmanship in art, accessories, and furniture and food that brings families together such as roast pig, barbecue, and more. The weather is tropical with 50% of rain and 50 %heat since as an archipelago, it’s close to the ocean. Shopping is cheap in clothing and shoes (I avoid pirated stuff). The plazas are always crowded with people heading to their destinations. Unless you have a car or a van or head to the train, it takes three to five buses to head to one place like Mall of Asia. Since it is big, I only explored the first half with my family.  The sampaguita necklace or lei from the vendors near the church stays fresh.  Little adolescents not only come for needs but greets us with a smile.

Happy Independence Day, Philippines. May I return someday to see how beautiful you are.