UnderWater Romance

If you love marine nature with a touch of romance, this book tells it all. Created in prismacolor pencils, the creatures illustrations show their love for each other.

So to also see them in person, try reading the poems first.


SPOILER ALERT: In the preview of 15 pages, you will see my sea creatures illustrations along with the poems written by my sister, Diana. Through research, I created them in detail and their functions. I want you, the reader to feel like being part of them or feeling their love.  I hope that while you read you will feel them too.

Here’s an excerpt:

Wandering Albatross
I raise my wings to show how far 
I’ve flown to meet you, hear your voice, 
and touch your face. I shall rejoice 
in loving just the way you are.

To any marine or illustration enthusiast, If you want to read more, feel free to buy it for personal use as a gift to someone dearly, or for yourself, anywhere you go. 

Any questions, feedback or for a request of special accomodations, message or comment me here. 


One comment on “UnderWater Romance

  1. who1012000@yahoo.com says:

    Thank you Joy. Very nice, very pretty, most enjoyable.

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