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Imagine that you are a tourist in New Orleans. It is close to the sea and known for their Mardi Gras all-nighters,  endless seafood, and jazz. For the curious, if you want to go there, try The Crackin’ Crab Claw first .They brought Louisiana inspiration and culture.  It’s been three months since their Grand Opening in Fresno on New Year. 

As I sat down and wait for my food, I adore the entertainment on stage, tv screens displaying variety of channels and movies, the simple interior, and most of all, diverse families of all ages having their time together while excitedly waiting for their meal. Mostly the food is more on hands-on rather than using spoon and fork. You can wash your hands directly after eating. The prices are fair. 

Honestly, the service was slow but it was worth the wait. Seafood takes more time in cooking than meat in chicken, pork, and beef. Shrimp may be cooked fast but it is better for the meat in the seafood to be perfected rather than give raw in minutes to the customers. The kitchen needs more assistants to support Roy, the main chef.  The waiters’  were quick and responsive. Applaud to Roy for training them well.

I tasted calamari with fries. Both of them are cooked light and right. Maybe if the calamari will be a little bigger, because they’re addicting like chips. This is more of an appetizer or slide.

For the crawfish, it is my first time eating it. Peeling is challenging. It is shaped like a shrimp but the exterior is more of a lobster in a small body. I ordered it for to-go. It is better if you eat it in the restaurant. It’s fresh and hot right in front of you. You get to taste the spice and meat together. At home, I adore that they placed it on a bag to maintain the seasonings and sauce and prevent leakage. No one wants seafood odor in any vehicle. TIP: You better eat it quick before it turns cold. 

The Po-Boy sandwich presentation has it all based on the menu. After the first bite, I finished it in seconds, along with the fries. What made it good are the shrimp and their custom creole sauce. Although the tips of the shrimp need to be removed, I like the taste of its tempura .  

No restaurant is perfect. Every path is always rough in the beginning. It is better to reserve and order food early before settling in and wait. 

Someday, I would invite my friends to join me and eat at this restaurant.


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