How was your Spring Break? I’m sure for some you have a week off and spend time with your family and friends away from work. Then for some Easter egg hunt and crowded masses in church. People wear maxis and spring clothing as they were ready to start their trip elsewhere.

Flowers bloom, birds started singing, and trees are dancing with joy. Butterflies showing off their colorful wings and beauty. While working out, I sit after a run in the park, and feel the breeze passing me. I close my eyes, and relax. When can there be a moment like this? I thought to myself. I am loving this season. Summer is coming soon though.

I like that there are cool movies coming in. Mad Men is coming to a close. Louie starts Monday Cinco De Mayo. So far in cinemas, I watched Captain America and Spiderman. Couldn’t wait for movies on my birth month which is June.

To those studying finals, good luck. To those graduating, congratulations. You made it! 


International Woman’s Day

Last Friday was International Womens Day. So how did I celebrate? I joined with my friends.  While I was doing this, I thought about others who can’t do the same as me. Where were they? There are other women in some parts of the world such as Middle East, India, and more where they don’t have independence. They are restricted wherever they go and whatever they do. I am happy and born as a woman, and lucky enough that my parents worked hard to give me and my siblings a healthy and safe living, and chance to achieve. I hope other women would pursue and persevere.

For this event, I want to also thank my older sister, Diana, who assist me to learn how to improve myself as a better daughter. See her website at www.daughterhoodcoach.com. She mentored me on my English grammar, communications, and my ability to move forward. She continuously helped me in many ways; she can help you too.

Don’t hesitate to contact her through her website.

Valentines Day

I know this is a late post after Valentines Day.  Love is in the air. On that night, every car filled up the parking lot for dinners and late cinemas. You wake up with flowers, greeting card with poem, and kisses from your partner. Early or last minute reservations on a hotel or trip have been booked.

It is nice to see people holding each other close. But to some, no. There are many reasons for that. I don’t want to mention some. Is there is someone lonely out there, go help them and cheer them up. No drinking, listen to their stories, pat them on the shoulder, and say, “I’m right here for you.”

Honestly, I am not good at giving advice on love. In my opinion, love is the feeling of excitement and comfort  and the treasure that you want to hold on forever and never let go. 

  I hope you had a good one. Its a moment where love brings togetherness and warmth. 

New Year. New World. New Adventure.



I remember this 2012 pic. I wanna thank the man who gave me the love ring and the coffee mug from his mom. I also want to thank her for her hospitality in their home, especially the Swiss Miss Chocolate she made for me. I will never forget the aroma and taste from her delicacy. 

I hope you enjoy Christmas with your closest families and friends. The temperatures dropped and the weather turned cold and snowy for us to hold each other close and bring comfort  and warmth together.  

So many things happened a lot this year, good and bad. Well, don’t give up, there’s another year and another chance to make things work. I hope that the resolution we long for succeeds.

Few minutes till the New York ball drop at the Times Square. Can’t wait to see it.

Happy New Year. Hello 2014.

RiverPark Travel-Reliable. Enjoyable. Affordable. At Your Service.

Take a Break.  Spend time with your family and friends. Get cozy with your only special one. Turn those days with them your holiday.

I recently work there. They were the friendliest and hardworking team I met and treat anyone more than a guest-a family member. Sometimes, they would invite me into their conversations along brainstorming ideas and solving problems for the company.  The way they speak to clients are professional and attentive. In return, I see the clients smiling and receive satisfaction and trust as they get their questions answered and preparations already set on their trip. They discuss prices that fits the budget, attractions that are worth to remember, and trips that connects people together on time.

Plan a Trip. Book Ahead. They are ready when you are.

Reliable. Affordable. Enjoyable. At your service.

Visit their website to get your early-bird tickets: http://riverparktravel.com/.

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Give Thanks. Be Grateful.



The streets would be empty now for families are in their homes, celebrating their togetherness.  Or I guess yesterday was the rush to buy food before the store closing hours and leave, stacked. Traffic will swarm around the evening in the highways and freeways for visit. What is in the list? What are the ingredients for the feast tonight? Who is going to serve? Who will be the host next?

There are so many to thank for. It’s a lot to mention here. The basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing. Health. Finance. The elements to keep up: Love. Hope. Happiness. Joy. Confidence. Strength. Perseverance. 

Let us give grace and bless the food .

Black Friday: Please be safe everyone. Patience is all you need. 

I can’t wait for the food tonight. Filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and champagne, making the turkey as the center of attention.

Ubuntu Africa

To see them laughing, smiling, and enjoying life with joy. While suffering AIDS. At least they are celebrating life while fighting, and accepting the truth, instead of crying in despair. December 1st is World AIDS Day. Participate. Support, and Help raise awareness.

Africa is a big continent, but has cities under stricken poverty. Their natural resources are sparse. Most are illiterate, under starvation, because they couldn’t afford the basic needs. They go to the extremes for survival. Seeing them through the media such as photography made me cry. I want to hug them with my open arms and say, “It’s ok. I am here for you. I will help you anyway I can.” Philippines and India are not only the countries suffering, Africa is.

Ubuntu Africa, a non-profit organization, is there to provide the essentials. They not only have community-based programs with lifesaving heath and support services but help free children with HIV + through giving them life and future opportunities  .

I want to thank Robyn Deutsch, Director of Development, and Jessica Annis, Director of Operations and Strategy, for accepting my work for their non-profit organization, Ubunta Africa.

To support them, learn more info and/or attend the event,  here is their link: www.ubafrica.org and www.facebook.com/UbuntuAfrica.

africa5 copy

Philippines on the Line


I created this poster for my brother’s college.

Waters clash to the land, crushing the houses of the beloved and trees that stood by. It was difficult to watch. Last year, it was the flood, that flooded every room in every building. Everything got soaked.  Every year, especially in the fall, harsh weather will intrude, such as a typhoon, monsoon, cyclone, and more to come. We live close by the oceans, open to storms, currents,  and rain.

It’s been almost a week. All that’s left are rumbles. Slowly, if we all work together, we can help rebuild their lives through aid, prayer, and hope.

Umiiyak at hinawakan ang buhay nila. Tumatayo pa sila sa lupa.

Maglakas ka sa wakas Pilipinas. Narinig kami.

Mundo, Tulungan po.

They cry and hold their life. They still stand on land.

Stay strong till the end, Philippines. We can hear you.

World, help.

That’s all to ask and need.

Tour Poster

Tour Poster

I love Josh Groban. The moment I heard his voice, I started buying all his CD albums when released. He soothes me, ceases and help overcome my fears and dilemmas in life. I love how he mix opera and pop and turn it modern.

Created 100% in photoshop using different types of brush, I tried my best to paint his face digitally. I took concert photos but I am not sure if it is permitted for entry. I even don’t like snatching photos online that are not mine either.

I recently went to his concert in Sacramento, CA. His voice made me want to relax, as if I was laying down, staring at the stars at night. This became the theme: Starry Night. The stage lights and glitter inspire me to create the poster.

I haven’t join contests in a while. So after the concert, I missed his signature even though I bought the shirt. Vote for my work and I hope to see it on display.

Here is the link: http://tlnt.at/16yN0FY.

Feel free to provide feedback.